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Web Based Application Development.
Let your site work for you, not the other way around.


Building on 15 years of technical development and project management experience and specializing in web based data systems and digital media management, CommIT offers a range of services for organizations looking to develop web based applications, research instruments, and data management systems. View More »

CommIT has a demonstrated ability to understand pertinent issues related to wide range of business and organizational functions. We work with stakeholders and technical developers from a diverse client pool ranging from corporate and retail clients to academic institutions to realize full product potential.


What Do We Do


Make your sites and systems perform.
Whether it is the design or the data that makes
your site tick, we can bring it to life to maximize your return on investment. Call or email for more on how our project management support or development services can benefit your business or organization.


Your Deadline is Our Deadline.
When you need it now, we are here.


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